Consulting & Training

Empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to use technology effectively.

Consulting Services

Whether your looking for basic website assistance or looking for large scale enterprise application experience to help pivot your business in the right direction, TechPivot can help you get you on the right track. We deliver a range of consulting services that enable your operation to run more cost effectively as your business needs and systems infrastructure evolve, including:

Strategic Planning
System & Network Design
Mobile & Web Integration
Security and Encryption
Cloud Infrastructure
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Hosting, Maintenance, Monitoring
PHP Frameworks
CMS Frameworks
Javascript Frameworks


Maximize the efficiency of your most important asset — your people. Well-trained team members lead to greater effeciencies across the board, including faster development, more stable release cycles, scalable infrastructure, pro-active security considerations, and even a reduction in total cost as human and technology resources are allocated appropriately. Let TechPivot help translate the technology requirements of your business and industry into clear roadmaps that team members can understand and apply, ultimately growing your return on investment.