Web Design

Creative UI solutions with pixel perfect attention to detail.

Responsive Web Design

Designing web applications that adapt to different viewports is not an afterthought but a forethought. A mobile first approach in design helps ensure that the first interaction users have with your website captures the message and story of your business.

At TechPivot, we specialize in designing responsive layouts with flexible components that incorporate function, consistency, and brand personalization using the right combination of fluid grids, flexible images, media queries, and HTML5 elements. Our iterative design process applies these techniques continuously as we refine display elements for the optimal viewing experience across small mobile devices, medium-sized tablets, and larger widescreen monitors.

Responsive TechPivot Layout on Iphone

Frontend Development

With the modern browser there are endless opportunities for uniquely designed layouts, custom components, and dynamic elements. Not only do we love using the latest JavaScript and CSS frontend frameworks, but we actively contribute to various open source projects including jQuery and jQueryUI as well as maintain our own active plugin repository that helps us build applications quickly.

Angular JS Framework

Brand Identity

A great brand is vital in evoking a lasting impression from users. We understand the importance in conveying clear and consistent messaging that is unique to your company's story. Our expertise includes: logo design, graphic design, PSD/PDF conversions, wireframing, naming, SEO, color themeing, marketing, competitive positioning and more.

TechPivot Business Cards Branding