Web Development

High performance enterprise web applications built on PHP.


Creating elegant and dynamic enterprise applications for the modern web requires a variety of technical skillsets. TechPivot provides this entire full-stack solution as a core offering where PHP is the backend language.

Our approach in this process lifecycle is an agile iteration that movies quickly, yet thoroughly, focusing on deliverables for requirements while always keeping the larger picture in mind. Using best practice methodologies at every stage helps ensure that the end result is not only responsive and high quality, but also thoroughly tested, secure, maintainable, and flexible.

Maintenance & Support


The importance in choosing a framework when designing a large multi-module application is often underestimated. Having experience in creating and contributing to various frameworks over the past 18 years gives us a unique perspective in providing recommendations that meet the needs of our clients. For all new applications, we recommend the Phalcon framework — our personal preference, the industry leader in performance, and the fastest growing open source PHP community.

Zend Framework 2
WordPress Logo


You can't think of a content management system without mentioning the industry's most widely deployed CMS: WordPress. We love WordPress and specialize in custom plugin design, theming, hacking, installation, database tweaks, multi-developer local vagrant setups, automated upgrades and application lifecycle.

If you're interested to see our customization, check out our Blog. Built using WordPress, it features a custom theme that actually hooks into our PhalconPHP backend. Why? This setup gives us more flexibility in that we can leverage the backend performance and power of Phalcon as well as maintain a consistent look and feel using templates, partials, and view logic consistent with the rest of the application.

Open Source Software

There is a huge trend of reinventing the wheel for various PHP applications. While this is often necessary depending on the requirement, it's more convenient when possible to reuse existing software packages that are better maintained and supported in the open source community. Using the defacto standard Composer and Packagist ecosystem allows for doing more for less. Whether it be custom extensions, backend frameworks such as Yii or Laravel, social APIs like Google or Facebook, eCommerce and financial APIs including PayPal and Authorize.Net or common mail service APIs like Mailgun or Mandrill — we have you covered.